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All of our classes have been approved by the Louisiana State Police and satisfy their requirement for the following:

16 Hour Initial Training

  • Blaster, User, Manufacturer, or Dealer

8 Hour Initial Training

  • Handler

4 Hour Yearly Refresher

  • Blaster, User, Manufacturer, Dealer, and Handler
  • This class is required yearly to keep your license valid



Founded in 2011 Louisiana Explosive Training is the leader in explosive training not just for the Oilfield, but for the Mining Industry, Special Effects, Demolition, and anyone else needing a license to work in the state of Louisiana.

From 1980 to 2000 there were over 100 oilfield explosive incidents reported, 28 resulting in death. Since L.E.T. was founded in 2011 there have been over 10 incidents reported, in which one resulted in a death. All of the accidents are preventable, and the most common factor has been human error.

That is why here at Louisiana Explosive Training our instructors are all experienced explosive users and not just reading out of a book. By bringing real life experiences and being up to date with all the rules and regulations your employees are guaranteed to get the best training that is offered.

As one of the few State approved training providers for explosive classes, we pride ourselves in being able to administer the most in-depth and comprehensive classes available.

Whether it is your first time working with explosives or if you’re a seasoned veteran, we guarantee that you will not only enjoy the class but you will walk out of it having a complete understanding of all of the regulatory agencies rules and recommendations.